If your AirPods keep falling out, these accessories may just change your life

Even if you aren't an Apple fan, there's a decent bet you're ok with the Apple AirPods because, frankly, they're just well-made and do their job with little fuss and a lot of style.

Of course, that doesn't mean the AirPods are perfect. They're so small that they can easily roll under a couch and be lost forever. Keeping them charged up sometimes can be a hassle. And it's near impossible for some users to keep those things from falling right out of their ears all the time. 

If you find the reliability of AirPod's great sound is constantly detracted by a poor fit, it might be worth giving the Earhoox AirPod Survival Kit a try.

Earhoox are like an easy-fix upgrade for your AirPods that can take them from mildly useful to practically indispensable. Just stretch the small or large sized Earhoox on to your regular AirPods and the light, durable and comfortable arm with unique flex holes locks the AirPod securely into place.

No matter the activity or weather conditions, Earhoox keeps your earbuds in place so you can move with your music, making them perfect for workouts, running, commuting and the rest of your busy day activities.

Since AirPods also have a disturbing habit of getting lost all the time, the Earhoox even come equipped with a small magnetic strap to keep your AirPod pairs together when they aren't in use.

This package also comes with an AirPods case to keep your buds from all the obnoxious bumps, drops, scratches and scrapes that life throws at them.

And because those Earhoox attachments don't really play nice with the standard AirPods charger, you'll also get a cool standalone charger that'll keep your AirPods at the height of its power without ever having to remove the Earhoox. It's pretty much perfect.

Right now, you can maximize the life and comfort of your AirPods with a set of the Earhoox, which come in both sizes and either white or black varieties. Usually priced at $49.99, they're also 20 percent off, knocking your price down to $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Earhoox: AirPod Survival Kit – $39.99

Listen in comfort for $39.99