Nearly 200,000 happy students can't be wrong about this machine learning-AI deep dive training

This week in the wonders of artificial intelligence, researchers at Duke University are using AI to make blurry, unrecognizable images of human faces in photos up to 60 times sharper with some remarkable results

Or did you know the U.S. Army is engineering new AI-enabled Hostile Fire Detection sensors that work like virtual soldiers, alerting flesh and blood troops to enemy fire, positions, and other potential threats? Or that AI may ultimately be what cracks the decades-old problem solving nuclear fusion? And all that was just made public in the space of a few days.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are breaking down walls in virtually every field and industry imaginable — and those with the skills to bring AI into an organization is not only invaluable but paid a fortune

You can join those ranks through the training in courses like The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle

With four courses covering nearly 80 hours of material, this training is a top-to-bottom overview of the tools and procedures used to integrate thinking machines into supply chains, service operations, tech advancements, and a whole lot more.

These courses from Super Data Science are among the most popular in the field, with nearly 200,000 positive reviews from more than a million students.

Since the Python programming language is at the center of AI and machine learning, the Python A-Z course is the perfect entry point to understanding the discipline. With step-by-step tutorials, students learn core principles of Python coding that can immediately be applied to real-life analytical challenges. Coursework is even geared for students with no background in programming or statistics, prompting reviews like "this course made me fascinated to learn more in data science."

In Machine Learning A-Z, the training kicks up a notch as students learn complex theories, algorithms, and more on a guided tour into how teaching machines to think for themselves actually works. Taught by professional data scientists, the course helps learners master machine learning, handle advanced techniques like dimensionality reduction and build a host of powerful machine learning models to be used to solve any problem.

Next, Deep Learning A-Z explores the roots of artificial intelligence as students use real-world data sets, exciting projects, and hands-on coding to dig into the complexities of AI and build their knowledge from the ground up. It's the type of easy to follow, blueprint training that had a former student stating he felt "like I've gone from zero to pro in no time."

Finally, the Tensorflow 2.0: A Complete Guide on the Brand New Tensorflow is in-depth training with one of the industry's most critical tools to facilitate machine learning. With hands-on Tensorflow experience, students understand how to build models and construct large-scale neural networks that allow machines to process all that information and react accordingly.

This life-changing training is usually about $200 per course, but with this offer, the entire package is available now for only $34.96.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle – $34.99

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