This hub keeps up to 8 devices plugged in at once so you can keep grinding

Among Apple's idiosyncratic quirks is a general discouragement when it comes to attaching peripheral devices. Sure, they aren't vocally opposed, but through compatibility and other means, they don't exactly make it easy to sync up your MacBook or iPad with all the various extra devices and formats you may need to access.

A MacBook itself may only come with ports for one or two USB-C devices…and that's it. Instead, you can pick up this USB 8-port Type-C valet hub to get all your devices plugged in at the same time, while also keeping all your desk clutter to a minimum.

The first thing you notice about this hub is the full array of ports lining both sides of this powerhouse device. There are two USB-C connectors plus a third power delivery port; 2 USB-A 3.0 ports, plus ports for SD, Micro SD, and even 3.5mm audio devices to plugin safely.

With the nearly foot-long cable, the device plugs neatly into your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Surface Book, Galaxy Tab Pro, or other USB-C compatible devices for easy access, cleaning up your deskspace and eliminating that waterfall of cords and dongles dangling from your device.

Meanwhile, the entire setup is completely plug and play, requiring absolutely no software, drivers or installation of any kind to operate.

In addition to all of its connectivity goodness, Apple users will be pleased to see the valet bin on the top of the hub can hold all kinds of small accessories like pens, paper clips, earphones, and more. It's even got a magnetic holder on top to lock in items like the Apple 2 pencil so everything you need stays together in one place.

A perfect answer to all your extra power and port needs, this 8-port valet hub is also now $10 off its regular price, down to only $69.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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USB 8-Port Type-C Valet Hub – $69.99

Plug in for $69.99