Area woman has black husband

In a video posted to the internet by Karlos Dillard, an allegedly road-raging woman is challenged by him in the street and melts down, shouting "I have a black husband!" But there's a twist in the tale: Dillard's thirst for viral fame, swiftly exposed by internet sleuths and casting his motives in a grim light.

The full sequence of events, as reported by Dillard, is that he began filming the woman after she followed him for several blocks in a road-rage. He followed her in turn, then challenged her when she parked her car. Dillard claims she used racial slurs, but none are in evidence on the tape, and it soon turned out that he has posted similar confrontations in the past. His web presence opently declares that he is in search of viral fame, and quickly-scrubbed Instagram posts suggested that he changes his political spots with the wind to that end.

Karen got caught with her road rage.

I'm literally not leaving my house anymore. This Karen cut me off, break checked me and then followed me for 4 blocks. When I started recording her antics she peeled off and tried to get away with her racism. I had time today to let her know that i am not the one. I'm glad SEVERAL white and black people saw her racism and had my back.

A witness backs up Dillard's version of events…

… but the Internet is a permanent record.

The woman's patently false accusations and terrified reaction to being filmed could be a comedy skit about the unreasonable fear of black people and of "cancel culture". Nonetheless, Dillard appears to be a provocateur as interested in fame as he is in social justice. And the woman's behavior is so strange that the possibility of illness or mental disorder has to be considered. In any case, much hay will be made of him choosing to challenge her in public rather than avoid escalation.