A catalog of Trump's top cruelties 2011-2020

McSweeny's compiled a list of 759 reasons why Trump's cult followers love him so much.

A few samples:

 October 11, 2016 – Tasha Dixon, a former Miss Universe contestant, accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Dixon asserted that Trump walked into their changing room in 2001 while contestants were changing. On the Howard Stern Show in 2005, Trump said about the pageant, "I'll go backstage before a show and everyone's getting dressed and ready and everything else. And you know, no men are anywhere. And I'm allowed to go in because I'm the owner of the pageant. And therefore, I'm inspecting it. You know they're standing there with no clothes. And you see these incredible looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that.

 August 1, 2017 – The Trump campaign chose a noted white nationalist, William Johnson, to serve among California's delegates for the next presidential election. Johnson leads the American Freedom Party, which operates with the stated mission of upholding "the customs and the heritage of European American People." Johnson said after his appointment to the delegation, "I can be a white nationalist and be a strong supporter of Donald Trump and be a good example to everybody."

August 17, 2017 – Donald Trump lamented the removal of Confederate monuments, stating that such actions were "so foolish" and "sad." He called these statues "beautiful" and spoke to the "history and culture of our great country being ripped apart." He did not mention slavery in any of his tweets on the Confederacy.