Goldman Sachs releases its own font, forbids criticism of Goldman Sachs with it

Goldman Sachs has released its own eponymous font, Goldman Sans, a contemporary sans-serif that garnishes merciless formality with a charming typographic "wink" here and there [h/t Matt Round]. It is free of charge, but perhaps the least Free font on Earth, as its unique license forbids criticism of Goldman Sachs with it. The license is also booby-trapped: it can be changed and revoked unilaterally by Goldman Sachs, turning anything that ever uses it into a legal time bomb.

(C)(2)(d) The User may not use the Licensed Font Software to disparage or suggest any affiliation with or endorsement by Goldman Sachs.

(E)(2) Further, Goldman Sachs may terminate this License, without notice to the User, for any reason or no reason at all and at any time, completely at Goldman Sachs's sole discretion.