Large iguana found in freezer of pizza restaurant in Florida

This is not something iguana see when I'm at a pizza restaurant.

An 80-pound iguana was found in a chest freezer at Pizza Mambo on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach by inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation on June 18, reports the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Yes, some people eat iguanas, and they are considered an invasive species in South Florida.

The restaurant was temporarily closed because of the lizard findings, and some 27 other health code violations that include more than 20 "rodent droppings" under a dry storage shelf, and dead roaches throughout the restaurant.

Said a Pizza Mambo employee, the deceased iguana was a personal gift to the owner "to eat later."

The pizza shop employee said the iguana, which was stored in a separate mini-freezer away from the food that was cooked in the restaurant, was promptly thrown away when officials informed the owner that it was a violation.

More at the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

[via CBS 12]