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Topic #3
OMAD Chart

OMAD stands for "One Meal a Day".

In other words, this diet is an extreme version of intermittent fasting. But instead of eating your first meal at noon, with OMAD you fast for 23 hours. And you spend the remaining hour eating a gigantic meal.

OMAD proponents claim that the approach is easier to stick to long-term (because you can eat anything you want for your one meal).

What's interesting about OMAD is that it grew largely on Reddit. Then, radiated out into the mainstream. In fact, the r/OMAD subreddit has 138k members.

What's next:
OMAD is a spinoff of the massively popular intermittent fasting trend. Until recently, businesses struggled to capitalize on the trend. After all, how do you monetize not eating? But we're starting to see a number of intermittent fasting products hit the market, like the Zero App and fasting tea.

Whenever I see OMAD, I can't help but think of the Jack Kirby comic book OMAC: