Video: Cops fired shots at protesters, including kids, as Trump was leaving Arizona rally

This is unbelievable.

As Trump was leaving Arizona on Tuesday after his irresponsible rally, which packed 3,000 unmasked people into an indoor venue, police fired "flash-bang grenades, pepper balls and bursts of pepper spray" at protesters. This included a pepper ball that hit a child, and a 12-year-old who was pepper sprayed.

In the video above, protesters were stepping back, as police had requested (forward to 3:30 in the video). They then began to chant, "We step back now you step back!" But the cops instead move forward. Immediately after a protester shouts, "We have kids at home! We have kids at home!" you hear the first shots fired (4:04).

Chaos ensued.

From AZ Central:

"It was just instant chaos when all that happened. … They instantly started shooting," said Keisha Acton, who was close to the line of police with her 12-year-old son, Isaiah. "We did not instigate that, nobody instigated that. Nobody assaulted an officer. That absolutely did not happen."

"(Tuesday) was a glimpse of what we're fighting against," said Kristen "Poet" Byrd, who said he was part of the core group who organized the protest.

"We were being nonviolent, just like George Floyd was, just like Rayshard Brooks was, just like Breonna was," he said, referencing Black men and women who died this year at the hands of police.

For full details go to AZ Central.