This Lincoln Project ad congratulating "Comrade Trump" is all in Russian

Voiced by a Russian actor, "Fellow Traveler" is a Lincoln Project anti-Trump ad that is narrated in Russian.

"The most important endorsement Donald Trump received in 2016 was not from your Senate leader, Mitch McConnell," starts the ad. "And not from your Congressman, Paul Ryan…No, Donald Trump received the most important endorsement in 2016 from our great leader Vladimir Putin."

"Our special services worked overtime to elect Comrade Trump," it continues. "We manipulated your voters to spread our glorious propaganda. And you, American dogs, were set against each other."

"Comrade Trump's campaign wisely accepted our help." He "gladly accepted the help of Mother Russia…Congratulations, Comrade Trump!"

One of Comrade Trump's first assignments to help puppet master Vladimir Putin came early with his "Make America Great Again" slogan. His base bought it. As The Lincoln Project tweeted yesterday, "Add 'America First' to the laundry list of scams Trump has sold in his life. It's clearly Trump first, Russia second, and America last."