Kevin Kelly talks about the Electronic Whole Earth Catalog in this 1980s news segment

Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly's first job was at the Whole Earth Catalog. Here's a video from the 1980s that shows Kevin describing the HyperCard version of the Whole Earth Catalog. (Try it here!)

I feel fortunate to have worked with and become a friend of Kevin's. We've known each other since the late 80s when we traded subscriptions for bOING bOING (when it was a zine), and the Whole Earth Review, which he edited. About 20 years ago Kevin started Cool Tools, which is an outgrowth of the Whole Earth Catalog and for the last six or seven years, I've been Kevin's business partner there. The Electronic Whole Earth Catalog is a bridge between the print version of the Catalog and Cool Tools. Also, I miss HyperCard. I wish it was still around and that it was the way to make websites.