Watch this animation of a dream filled with optical illusions

A Mind Sang / A Mãe de Sangue is a trippy and evocative dreamscape animated by Vier Nev. The English title is a play on the Portuguese original, which means "mother of blood."

Nev said in an interview about the project:

It began with twenty drawings I had created about different cultural representations of birth and identity. I find that in my drawings I often come back to the same characters:  queer couples, mothers, and, for some inexplicable reason, cats. I wondered if I could create a film that merged the stories of these characters into the same shapes and shadows. In my mind, the main challenge was to create a film where every frame would hold two different images and somehow would still be a compelling experience.

I wish there was a big secret behind how I create images with multiple meanings, but it is just drawing a lot and paying attention to what I am drawing. If I have two different scenes I want to merge into one image, I will draw them from multiple perspectives or with different lighting until I find a pattern such as a group of shapes or the negative space around them that is common to both scenes. It is mostly using pareidolia to my advantage.

It put me in mind of the cool dream sequence by Salvador Dali in Hitchcock's Spellbound:

Image: Vimeo / Vier Nev