On Trump's tax returns, "Supreme Loser" video tells Trump, "You lost. Bigly."

Yesterday, MeidasTouch released a video called "Creepy Trump," which highlighted Trump's creepy relationship with Ivanka and Tiffany. Today, the political action committee brings you Supreme Loser, which begins by reminding us how, in 2016, Trump said he was "absolutely" going to release his tax returns, but he couldn't while being audited. The narrator then asks, "How's that audit going?"

"You know who wasn't too weak and scared to release their tax returns? Every. Other. President," the narrator says. "…You thought the Supreme Court was going to save you. But guess what? You lost. Bigly." The video ends with a taunting, "Can't wait to see what's in those tax returns, Don."

MeidasTouch was started by three brothers in March while they were in quarantine, according to Wikipedia. One of the brothers, Ben Meiselas, is an attorney for Colin Kaepernick.