Proceeds from this "White Claws Not White Pride" shirt/mask go to Black Lives Matter

I tried to stop being a t-shirt guy, and for most of my 20s, it even worked. But for the last few years, I've been in the habit of buying more graphic t-shirts than I need, as long as I know that the proceeds are going to a good cause.

This is all to say that: I don't need this shirt, so I probably shouldn't buy it. But goddammit I love this shirt and I want it.

50% of T Shirt and mask profits will go directly to BLM. 100% of BLM enamel pin profits will go directly to BLM. This pre-order will run from 7/8/2020-7/17/2020. Shirts will then go into production and shipped the week of 7/27/20. Separate pin and mask orders will be sent before shirts.

Masks are $10, and shirts are $18 or so, and you can order them through Stupid Rad Merch through July 17. They've offered limited printings of this shirt in the past, and they always go pretty fast, to this is a good chance to get one for a good cause. (I asked for details on the donations, and the designer says they're going to the BLM Global Network via ActBlue, as opposed to the  Black Lives Matter Foundation or another other remotely-affiliated group.)

White Claws Not White Pride [Stupid Rad Merch]