Angry folks throw an anti-mask rally in Florida, the state that just broke a Covid-19 record

There's a reason that the United States has the highest Covid-19 death toll in the world with more than 135,000 coronavirus fatalities so far. And there's a reason that Florida broke the record for highest cases of coronavirus in one day. Just take a look at this video, taken at an anti-mask rally at a restaurant in Windermere, Florida (but of course), and you'll see the broken logic that is behind "freedom" defenders' rights to spread and catch coronavirus.

Rather than give up their "freedom" by simply wearing a mask, they'd rather risk losing a bigger freedom by filling hospitals to full capacity (as they did in, er, Florida), shutting down international travel (because other countries are turning Americans away who try to enter), shutting down cities and states with a high coronavirus caseload, and obliterating our economy. With that kind of logic, Americans should be permitted the freedom to drive drunk or race cars on public streets.