Your home office could use some work of its own and these 20 items might just do the trick

Example no. 3,225 why the real world isn't like The Brady Bunch: your home office. Mike Brady was able to turn his den into a truly groovy cool home office for his architectural work. Mike had a wife, six kids and a live-in maid, yet still had a spare room he could devote to his business, which is a lot luckier than most of us. 

In fact, we bet since many of your home offices are only 3 or 4 months old, they may just consist of a laptop perched on the corner of the dining room table during non-dinner hours.

That won't do. It's time to devote a room and remake your space into a real home office — and we've got 20 ideas to help make it happen. Even if you just want the space more ready for your after-hours play, we think you'll approve.


Laptop Stand with USB Ports – $29.99; originally $49.99

Maybe you can't devote space to a big, bulky new desk, but this laptop stand will help make your trusty computer feel more like a proper business tool. In addition to a sleek, sturdy profile that looks great and an adjustable angle to help reduce screen glare, this stand also has four built-in USB ports, so you can keep your phone and all your other important devices charged at your desk without a tangle of outlets and connectors.

Portable Lazy Laptop Desk – $134.95; originally $199

Ok, if a full desk isn't your speed, at least make the laptop perched in your lap a more comfortable experience with this Lazy Lap Desk. The dual bolster cushion base gives support to your lap and keeps the laptop at a more comfortable angle, while the over 21-inch wrist pad helps relax your wrist. It even comes with holders for a tablet, your phone and a pen, putting everything in easy reach, right in front of you.

Quest 45" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk – $219.99; originally $298

If gaming is your job away from your job, then this gamer desk says yeah, you're serious. The massive 45 x 28.25-inch desk surface is built to keep you closer to the monitor without sacrificing room for your accessories. It's got a cup holder and headphone hook to help keep your desk clear, and a power console with three grounded outlet receptors and two USB charging ports. And during the day, maybe you could even do a little work on it too.

CD4 Standing Desk Converter – $71.99; originally $89.99

With this ergonomic stand, you can turn any surface into a standing desk. The adjustable height and tilt make it easy to position your laptop at the optimal spot for your posture while sitting or standing, and it comes with a level mouse pad attached that quickly connects to either the right or left side. Plus at 7 lbs., it's lightweight and portable enough to take virtually anywhere.

CHANGEdesk MINI Standing Desk Converter – $84.99; originally $99.99

In its flat mode, it's only three inches off your original surface, but this desk converter offers spring-loaded assistance to bounce it to four easily adjustable heights of 3, 6, 10, and 14 inches, so you can lock in the positions that work best for you. With this setup, you can quickly move from sitting to standing all day long, avoiding the strain and muscle ache of staying rooted in the same seat for eight hours a day.

RiseUp Electrical Height Adjustable Standing Desk – $369.99; originally $449.99

Of course, the other option is to just go all-in on a true standing desk…and the RiseUp should check all the premium electric, adjustable height standing desk boxes. It's built with best-in-class components and has over a decade of field-tested durability. From dual motors to its 3-stage lifting columns to the memory keypad that stores favorite heights and even anti-collision features, this desk has its user firmly in mind.


Honeycomb Breathable Sitting Gel Cushion – $71.99; originally $89

With a silicone honeycomb design, this gel cushion allows air circulation throughout, supporting your body and relieving your tailbone, coccyx or lower back pain. The airflow makes the cushion breathable so you stay cool while it quietly combats the effects of long hours of sitting. The Intelli-gel material retains its shape and won't get mashed down, so you can enjoy the comfort of this cushion for years. 

Luno Standard Felt Sitting Ball Chair – $41.99; originally $59.99

Chairs are lazy. But with the Luno, this ball chair activates your core muscles, engaging abdominal and leg muscles to encourage proper posture and give your back some relief from long hours of sitting. Soft and elegantly stitched, it also doubles as an exercise ball for use during balance training, yoga, or pilates.

Wobble Stool: The Perfect Chair for Active Sitting – $80.99; originally $99.99

If a balance ball is too unwieldy, how about a stool that constantly moves with you? This fun chair has a self-stabilizing, weighted base that allows you to move while sitting, even adjusting to as high as almost 3 feet. The natural tilt and movement always stays under your control, while helping you stay active, comfortable and free of bad posture and prolonged sitting pain.

BASE⁺ Active Standing Balance Board – $111.99; originally $139.99

This balance board works great with a standing desk, quickly tipping, twisting, and rocking in controlled, balance motion, whether you're swivel surfing or just standing still without stressing about balancing or falling. The BASE+ is engineered for a gentle full range of motion that's safe and easy for virtually any user.


The Anchor Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount – $11.99; originally $19.99

Your headphones don't need to take up prime real estate on your desktop. Instead, hang 'em underneath on this sturdy, yet flexible hook that adheres to the underside of your desk. It holds two sets of headphones and with its medical-grade silicone covering, it won't dislocate your knee if you bash into it.

KT2 Adjustable Under-Desk Keyboard Tray – $105.99; originally $129.99

If your headphones are going to stay under your desk, your keyboard might as well join 'em. This ergonomic tray swivels 360 degrees with adjustable heights and angles to position the keyboard perfectly for optimal typing posture. The KT2 swings up to 10 inches below desk level and is perfect for use with standing desk users.

Tools of the Trade

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen – $29.99; originally $41.99

Here's the pen that never runs out of ink…because it never had any. The Omega AXL draws with anodized aluminum, leaving lines that won't smudge or erase without ever needing sharpening or refilling. It's also completely eco-friendly, because once you buy one, you'll probably never need another pen again.

Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen – $64.99; originally $129.95

Crafted by famed Italian design houses Napkin and Pininfarina, this inkless pen features wood stylings for a classic look, melding both historical and futuristic writing aesthetics. Tipped with Ethegraph, a patented metal alloy, this pen never needs refilling, making it poised to remain a beautiful tool and desk piece for decades.

Foldable Wireless LED Desk Lamp – $29.99; originally $34.99

With everything that needs plugging in for your computer, finding an extra outlet for, say, a desk lamp is often a challenge. So…don't. This foldable LED lamp pumps out a maximum 250 lumens with three brightness levels, 135 degrees of arm movement, touch controls and a wireless, rechargeable battery that can run for up to five hours on a single charge.


Uber Chill XL Personal Mini Fridge – $79.99; originally $84.99

Since constantly going to the fridge for a beverage impacts your workflow, this uber-cool mini fridge brings your beverages right to you. The slick, quasi-retro Uber Chill stashes up to 12 cans or six water bottles at temperatures down to 32°F below ambient temperature for refreshment right on the desktop. It also runs on both AC and DC current, so it's also ready for car or RV trips. The unit can also flip to warm mode and keep items toasting up to 135°F.

Star Tripod 16" Stand Fan – $359.95; originally $449

In the summer heat, this fan will cool down any workspace — and look pretty fantastic doing it. A full metal fan built with die-cast parts, this beast churns the air at three adjustable speeds of up to 1,350rpm, with well-balanced impellers for stable and quiet operation. And poised on stylish hardwood tripod legs that reach up over 4.5 feet, it's got room-chilling power to spare.


Nanodots 216 Sets – $29.95; originally $39.99

Nanodots Gyro Duo Desk Toy – $39.99; originally $49.95

Nanodots are magnetic spheres that not only show off all the properties of magnetism, they're also a lot of fun. Precision-milled from neodymium-iron-boron and capable of lifting 1,000 times their own weight, the 216-piece set can be endlessly morphed into hundreds of variable shapes and configurations from a basic pyramid into all kinds of complex creations. Antibacterial and washable, each ball is also engineered to withstand repeated impacts and resists corrosion.

Meanwhile, the handcrafted pair of Gyros are sure to be a fidgeter's delight. Gimbal-mounted rare earth magnets nested inside a transparent plastic shell, the gyro reacts to your Nanodot magnets in all kinds of fun, interesting ways. You don't have to think about magnetic properties interacting at an atomic level, but whether you're a thinker or just a curious tinkerer, these Gyros will definitely have you intrigued. 

Planetary System Set – $109.95; originally $129

You can be a true master of the universe by literally assembling the universe on your desk. Handcrafted and polished, these gemstones are cross-referenced against NASA satellite images to look just like the planets in our solar system. The nine-stone set also comes with a solid walnut wooden base to display all your planets with the splendor they deserve.

Prices are subject to change.

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