"People are dying, and you are doing nothing!" Florida governor's press conference interrupted by truth teller

Ron DeSantis, a Trump loyalty cultist who also serves as governor of Florida, held a press conference in Miami on Monday to blame anti-racism protestors for causing a massive surge in coronavirus cases and deaths in the state he oversees.

In attendance was Thomas Kennedy, an activist with an immigrant youth-led organization called United We Dream. While DeSantis was playing the blame game, Kennedy interrupted him by shouting, "People are dying, and you are doing nothing! You are falsifying information, and you are misleading the public. More than 4,000 people have died, and you are blaming the protesters, and you are doing nothing! Shame on you!"

DeSantis pretended not to hear Kennedy and continued to talk.  A goon escorted Kennedy from the press conference.

So far today Florida has reported 144 deaths, an all-time record. From the Washington Post: