Four-mile long hopscotch course coming to San Francisco neighborhood

This Saturday, some San Francisco families will be bringing a four-mile long hopscotch course to their neighborhood. With their day-long "Hopscotch Your Block" event, the North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association (NOPNA) hopes to chalk the playground game over a 30-block area.

NOPNA thinks this will be really fun and a way to help build community, support our local merchants, and improve morale…all while keeping a safe social distance from each other! And… we could potentially even break the Guiness World Record for the longest hopscotch course (currently 3.8 miles)! Let's make history together by breaking this record!

The four mile course runs East-West (Turk, Golden Gate, McAllister, Fulton, Grove, Hayes and Fell) and connects north-south along Divisadero and Masonic. We'll be "chalking up the blocks" and connecting them all together; please only chalk the north side of sidewalk (if on an east-west street) or east side of sidewalk (if on a north-south street).

photo by Fiona Moore/Flickr