Watch COVID-19 cases go from 0 to 10 million in this shocking timelapse

Conveying the scale and devastation of this year's pandemic is not easy, but the folks at Global Stats created this impressive timelapse that shows how the United States became the epicenter of the disease.

The timelapse is based on the WHO Situations Report. Donald Trump has of course declared war on WHO as part of his long-running "kill the messenger" strategy of self-preservation. Via Global Stats:

This video shows the progress of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic timelapse from its first cases on late December 2019, to more than 10,000,000 cases on late June 2020. It shows confirmed cases by country, number of deaths by country and world death rate, as well of milestones so far.

Bonus video: this map by James Beckwith uses a ping sound effect for each death and different tones for each country, which starts off slow and builds into a cacophonous crescendo:

Image: YouTube / Global Stats