Watch this expert woodturner make a coffee mug from an apple log

Matt Jordan takes viewers through the complex process of making a wood coffee mug on a lathe.

He says:

This has to be my most requested project both on and off YT, so here it is…a coffee mug, with a handle. The mug is made from a small apple log with plenty of burl, the handle is also made from burl but with a Pewter centre piece. The mug is finished with Pure Tung oil, this oil is food safe and provides a very good water proof coating, the only downside is the time taken to apply in at least 5 coats and then around 4 weeks to fully cure, however once done it provides a very durable water proof coating that can sustain hot drinks etc and hand washing.

Bonus video: this cool speaker he just made:

His Instagram has lots of neat photos and videos of his gear:

Check out his website for bespoke handcrafted items.

Image: YouTube / Matt Jordan