Watch The Ramones on the Sha Na Na television variety show in 1979

Sha Na Na was a strangely popular TV variety show that aired in the 1970s. Featuring a 1950s tribute band of the same name, the program featured comedy skits and and performance from contemporary musical acts. Every episode ended with "Bowzer" Bauman's sign-off "Good night and grease for peace!" Notably, Sha Na Na had previously played Woodstock (at Jimi Hendrix's urging) and later appeared in the film Grease as the National Dance-Off band.

This odd TV simulacra of 1950s cartoon rock-and-roll culture was at its weirdest when The Ramones—who themselves were inspired by 50s and 60s bubblegum pop—appeared on Sha Na Na in 1979.

(via Obscure Media)