Emil of Squidmar Miniatures paints a medieval knight while dressed in a suit of armor

On of the things I love about Squidmar Miniatures is that Emil is always trying unique, unusual, and just plain kooky stuff to make his miniature painting channel more entertaining and fun. Chalk this one up to kooky.

In it, he paints the bust of a medieval knight while dressed in a set of 14th century armor. Given the weight and the heat, he's exhausted even before he starts painting and it's not long before he starts removing the helmet, the gauntlets…

Some of the YouTube comments are great:

"Now to take it to the next level: Painting a dragon, as a dragon."

"When you realize the bust of the knight has no arms."

"You should make a series called 'painting an X dressed as an X.' That would be cool."

Image: YouTube