Know anyone who spends way too long in the bathroom? The Toilet Timer can change that

Look, this isn't a pleasant topic…but let's talk about sitting on the porcelain throne for just a moment, shall we?

For some people, that time perched on the toilet can be an oasis in the busiest of days. For others, it's an easy way to go run and hide. Whether at work or at home, it's not unheard of for someone to post up in a stall and stay there for 15, 20, even 30 minutes or more. Not much actual bathroom business is usually getting done there, but others — from family members to bosses to others who need the facilities — probably wish those folks would hurry the hell up.

The Toilet Timer is a fun way to remind everyone that time waits for none of us, even when we're on the pot.

The Toilet Timer is a unique sand timer that runs for five minutes. When all the sand has run through the digestive tract of the poised man sitting on the timer's face, that's your signal that your time indisposed needs to end.

And in case you think this is just a heartless engineering project created by antsy bosses, impatient spouses, or unsympathetic kids, there's actually some gastroenterological science to back up this five-minute rule as well. In fact, doctors will tell patients they shouldn't be spending more than five minutes in the bathroom to avoid fissures and hemorrhoidal bleeding.

That's a horrifying thought, so instead, stay focused on the benefits of the Toilet Timer. Putting this Kickstarter-funded device in your bathroom is an oh-so-subtle reminder to that long pooper in your family that you're on to their trick. Now that they know the jig is up, they're bound to spend less time hiding out and more time with their family and friends…whether they want to or not.

Retailing for $14, you can pick up a Toilet Timer now and save almost 20 percent, knocking your price down to only $11.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Toilet Timer® – $11.99

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