Former mayoral candidate a bit of a wanker

You've probably not heard of Frank Scurlock, bounce house magnate and onetime mayoral candidate in New Orleans. Even an amazing news story about him, published two years ago, did not quite attain the heights of virality. By suing the newspaper and reporter who published and wrote it, however, Scurlock has ensured that a vastly greater number of people will find out that he …

… had pleaded no contest to a charge of "lewd and dissolute conduct" – a charge that was based on an Uber driver's complaint that Scurlock had masturbated in the backseat of her car.

Scurlock's lawsuit, filed against The Times-Picayune and a reporter who then worked there, claimes it falsely reported that he was arrested. Scurlock is representing himself, according to

(I hasten to add that the mugshot of Scurlock here is from a different run-in with the law)