Puppy pools are fun for puppies and kids

My new puppy, Electra, loves this Toozey play pool. I love how easy it is to fold up and put away.

This play pool will last us a long time. Made of pretty durable feeling waterproof tarp on the bottom and strong walls, the pool requires no inflating. A strong release valve holds water in, and lets it out!

At first, Electra was reluctant to play in the water, but now she jumps in and splashes about before heading for the dirt to roll about. The photo up top shows her "adjusting face." My daughter also likes to lounge in the pool. Sometimes our Cavalier joins them, but usually prefers to stay dry.

Toozey Foldable Dog Pool, Portable PVC Pet Swimming Pool, Slip-Resistant Material Kiddie Pool, Dog Pet Bath Pool for Small to Large Dogs via Amazon