The ToothShower lets you brush, floss and handle all your oral care easily right in the shower

While we all like to think that we're honest people, the truth is that little white lies spring up all the time. You don't intend to lie. But through surprise or embarrassment or just a desire not to start a situation, falsehoods start tumbling out of your mouth.

Like the last time your dentist asked if you flossed. You probably said yes. That was probably a lie because we know only about 30 percent of us actually do floss every day. But at least we're mostly honest about our lying because almost half of us admit we've exaggerating our flossing regimen to our dentist.

It's usually not because you hate flossing. It's just so easy to forget. However, that might no longer be the case with the help of something like the ToothShower Water Flosser Suite 2.0.

The ToothShower takes a stealthy approach to your flossing, working to encourage you to handle all of your oral hygiene tasks as part of your daily shower routine.

Unlike the mess of a countertop water flosser that inevitably sprays everywhere, the ToothShower hooks easily to your showerhead so you can handle the whole procedure right there in the shower with zero mess.

And this isn't just an irrigating water spray in your mouth either since the ToothShower is actually a three-piece system. First, you can use the dual-headed toothbrush to scrub the fronts and backs of your teeth at the same time. Then, fire up the irrigating gum messenger, which both exercises your gums to increase blood flow while loosening plaque that can form at the gumline. Finally, you can swoop in with the irrigating tip to help flush out and expel any remaining bits of food still stuck in your teeth.

Everything stays stored in the ToothShower's handy side compartment and the whole process won't add more than an extra minute or two to your morning shower.

Regularly priced at $119, you can now save 10 percent off the purchase of the ToothShower Water Flosser Suite 2.0, on sale for only $107.99.