Watch this glitchy, twitchy art piece DONT KNOW WHAT


Thomas Renoldner's polarizing short film DON'T KNOW WHAT has been on the festival circuit, but since all that has moved online during the pandemic, you can now watch it on Vimeo. Those with sensitivity to strobing or flashing should use caution.

There's probably not much middle ground, as it's kind of a love-it or hate-it sort of work. Via the artist:

Employing the method of single frame editing, primarily focused on sound, the realistic film image transforms into a surreal, structuralist and finally even abstract film. It creates a musical composition while experimenting with the human voice and transforming language into sound and music. DONT KNOW WHAT questions classical rules of different film genres by combining elements of avant-garde film / video art and entertainment cinema.

Image: Vimeo / Thomas Renoldner