Watch Kachi Chan's spare, trippy, otherworldly visuals

Modern Jazz musician Olivier Cong's two-part song "Delusion" inspire designer Kachi Chan to create a black and white space-themed series of visuals. Prepare to leave your body!

Kachi has also done some gorgeous color work in the same vein, like Amelioration, a collaboration between visual designer Chan and fashion designer Matt Hui:

It's a story about one tries to breakthrough his shackles and express his true self underneath. The fashion piece is composed of 2 pieces, the outer one is a metallic-look cape made with reflective PU material; the inner is a soft, light tulle dress with controllable LED lights. The runway performance depicts the process of the metallic shell being broken through and the inner true self is revealed as the tulle dress. The video as part of the performance interacts with the fashion model to stage the process of transformation.

Image: Vimeo / Kachi Chan