Enjoy the boss radio sound of KHJ 93 Los Angeles

Here's an item from the latest issue of my weekly Recomendo newsletter:

One of my favorite things about Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood was listening to clips of 93 KHJ, a radio station that pioneered the "boss radio" sound in the 1960s. The DJs were all vocal virtuosos, and the most talented of the bunch was a guy by the name of "The Real Don Steele." Almost all of these broadcasts have been lost to time, but fortunately, some people recorded KHJ on their tape recorders in the 1960s, and the recordings found their way to the Internet. The Internet Archive has a couple of recordings from the 1960s of Steele's show on KHJ. Here's another, and another (with other KHJ DJs, too). If this kind of thing interests you, you can dig up more by searching "khj airchecks."