The Canadian Navy is cool with having an admitted Neo-Nazi in its ranks

Recently, a new directive was issued to the CAF, detailing, in no uncertain terms that racism, sexism, and most definitely, extremism, had no place in the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy or the Royal Canadian Airforce.

Hate isn't tolerated.

Hate and violence are considered to be performance deficiencies. According to the Defence Administrative Order and Directive, if you're a commissioned or non-commissioned member of the Canadian Armed Forces and are caught doing any evil unto society, "…including the display or communication of words, symbols or images, by a CAF member, that they knew or ought reasonably to have known would constitute, encourage, justify or promote violence or hatred against a person or persons of an identifiable group, based on their national or ethnic origin, race, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family status, genetic characteristics or disability," you're supposed to be held to account for your bullshit.

Except for when you're not.

In November of 2019, Unicorn Riot, identified Boris Mihajlovic, a 29-year Leading Seaman in the Royal Canadian Navy, who claimed affiliation to Atomwaffen and the Calgary, Alberta chapter of Blood and Honour—you know, Nazis. Better still, Unicorn Riot uncovered that Mihajlovic had been farting around under the handle MOOONLORD, attempting to sell military-grade munitions to another user on the neo-Nazi Iron March web forum:

In an exchange held over Iron March forum comments, 'MOONLORD' agreed to arrange to sell handguns to 'FrenchSoldier'. He also offered to sell an AK-47 (€500), a rocket-propelled grenade launcher (€2500) and hand grenades (€50 each).

In November of 2019, the Royal Canadian Navy announced that they were down with investigating Leading Seaman Mihajlovic for his radicalized, hateful behavior—it's a performance deficiency! You'd think that Mihajlovic's admitted association with Blood and Honour, Atomwaffen, or, you know,  trying to sell military hardware to another racist douchebag, would be enough to ensure that he'd end up on charges or, at the very least, leave him invited to fail elsewhere, outside of the Navy. You would be wrong.

In late July, 2020, a concerned member of the Royal Canadian Navy leaked this video:

I tore had all of the ligaments in my right ankle sheared off of my bones. It took seven months of rehab before I was walking again, and my foot's never been the same since. The Royal Canadian Navy, however, believes that it's possible for a fella to turn his back on hate dark enough that he felt at home in groups dedicated to the destruction of minorities and, attempting to sell hardware that'd help that mission along? Sure.

Since the video came to light, the Canadian Forces claim that they'll be looking into Mihajlovic once again. Maybe this time, They might be compelled to do something about him. The men and women he serves with and, Canada as a whole, deserve better than this.

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