This 3-piece collection from KeySmart could change your current EDC roster of items

As the world has shifted the last few months, it's very likely your assortment of EDC items has changed too. While you're still looking to slim down the number of items you have to tote around every day, there's a good chance you're keeping an even tighter focus on how safe those items are and how much protection they offer against COVID and everything else out there in the world right now.

KeySmart has been thinking about the same thing, so they've assembled a package of items that they think nobody should be without with their KeySmart Pro with Tile/CleanTray/CleanKey collection.

This collection gathers up three of KeySmart's best-selling items, all uniquely positioned to help streamline your day and keep you healthy no matter where your travels take you.

The centerpiece of the bundle is their KeySmart Pro, dubbed the world's smartest key organizer. At its most basic level, the KeySmart Pro is a ridiculously efficient sleeve to keep up to 10 keys from jangling around in your pocket all the time. Crafted from stainless steel, the KeySmart Pro is compact, lightweight, and a perfect method for keeping all those rogue keys in line.

But the KeySmart Pro truly separates itself with its smart capabilities. When synced with the Tile app on your smartphone, your keys are now fully trackable online. If you lose your keys in your home, the app can locate them and sound a tone so you can find them, no matter where they're hiding. If you left them 200 miles back on your road trip, the map can geo-locate the keys so you'll know exactly where to circle back. And if you happen to lose your phone, the whole system works in reverse — a touch on the KeySmart activates a ringtone to locate your wayward device, even if it's set on silent.

Since your KeySmart Pro or your smartphone might need some disinfecting now and again, you'll also get the CleanTray UV light sterilization case. The phone-sized box blasts anything inside with UV-C light, which safely kills 99.9 percent of any bacteria or other harmful pathogens. It disinfects in just five minutes, which is twice as fast as many other UV cases, and it works on anything you can fit inside from your phone and keys to earphones, jewelry, smartwatches, and more.

Finally, the package also includes the CleanKey Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool. This copper-alloy key slips into your hand easily and the ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons, pull levers, or even sign touchscreens without ever touching potentially infected surfaces.

Regularly $165, the entire KeySmart Pro/CleanTray/CleanKey collection is now $35 off, just $129.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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KeySmart Pro with Tile + CleanTray + CleanKey Bundle – $129.99

Get all 3 for $129.99