Two Kanye West campaigners are Republican operatives

Two people working on Kanye West's presidential campaign are Republican party men, reports New York Magazine.

One of West's electors in the state of Vermont will also be a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Charlotte. Chuck Wilton, one of the three electors West's presidential campaign named in a filing submitted with the Vermont secretary of State on Monday, was also elected by the Vermont Republican Party in May to serve as a delegate for President Trump at this year's RNC. … A prominent Republican operative, Gregg Keller, was listed as the campaign's point of contact in a filing with the Arkansas secretary of State

The whole point is to get him on swing state ballots to peel off votes from Biden. It's not a likely strategy—West was a Trump supporter before he announced his run and a national poll including him suggested he will only hurt Trump's chances—but nothing in politics is rational. Kanye West is suffering from bipolar disorder, according to wife Kim Kardashian, who called for compassion in how his statements and his campaign are covered.