Become a master of Adobe Creative Cloud with these online classes

If you're a photographer, videographer, or graphic designer, you've got a lot of competition charging up behind you. Because while you've been trained as a content creator, the task of snapping brilliant images, capturing well-composed video, and posting effective social media is now part of literally everyone's skill set.

For years, Adobe and their ubiquitous Creative Cloud suite of software have been the ultimate content creation tech for making pretty much anything. But while an estimated 15 million users have access to Adobe's powerful stable of options, very few really know how to get the most out of all that creative magic.

With the training in The Essential 2020 Adobe CC Mastery Bundle, you can vault yourself out of the clueless camp, earning mastery-level command over four of Adobe's most popular and most versatile apps.

Over 25 hours of instruction starts right at the pinnacle of Adobe's dominance with their crown jewel app Photoshop. In Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 2020, even students who have never done any image editing can get up and running with the heritage app as they learn the interface and tools, start basic editing jobs and ultimately prepare images for printing or online posting before advancing to trickier works like masking, curves, and difficult skin and lighting adjustments.

In Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020, the training shifts to learning about the design, scalability, and versatility of building your own vector graphics as you take your first steps into creating sketches, logos, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and more.

For anyone who deals in page layout, book or magazine publishing or even the creation of multi-page digital documents, Introduction to Adobe InDesign 2020 can be an eye-opener. As getting the hang of the InDesign environment, you'll start creating tables and packaging before moving on to advanced techniques and design methods as well as exporting in a variety of formats.

Finally, the Adobe Spark Course is the young upstart in this group, focused on helping creators whip up attractive social media posts quickly with the use of pre-made templates. You'll get a handle for using Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Page, and Adobe Spark Video to make effective content that doesn't require you to be a design pro, yet still looks brilliant.

This assortment of key Adobe training would regularly cost nearly $100 per course, but as part of this collection, all four are available now for only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Essential 2020 Adobe CC Mastery Bundle – $39.99

Learn Adobe for $39.99