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The Texas Triffid Ranch is a real gallery specializing in carnivorous plant life

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I just learned about the Texas Triffid Ranch, which bills itself as "Dallas's Pretty Much Only Carnivorous Plant Gallery." The ranch is celebrating its 5th anniversary this August, although any events are on hold due to both social distancing guidelines, and what the owners describe as, "various reasons, mostly involving a day job and possible legal liability."

In other words, the Ranch's growing area isn't typically open to the public at all, even under better circumstances. But they do have a travelling collection for display at local garden shows and other events; if you're interested in buying anything, you can also set up an appointment. They have a list of carnivorous plant enclosures on their website, although they are careful to note:

The Triffid Ranch doesn't actually sell triffids. We also don't offer Audrey IIs, vargas, Krynoids, Vervoids, Delvians, Vegetons, Whomping Willows, or Slaver sunflowers. More's the pity.

Ah well.

For what it's worth, the Dallas Observer named them the "Best Little Shop of Horrors" in 2017.

The Texas Triffid Ranch: Dallas's Pretty Much Only Carnivorous Plant Gallery

Image: Public Domain

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