A Knight Rider movie is happening

Everything old is new again (also see). Folks, there's going to be a Knight Rider feature film! (Sadly, I think we can assume David Hasselhoff will not star.)


Spyglass Media Group has teamed with Atomic Monster's James Wan and Michael Clear to develop a film based on the 1980s classic action series Knight Rider. TJ Fixman, a former video game writer, is adapting the screenplay.

Created by Glen A. Larson, Knight Rider first aired on NBC from 1982-1986 and boosted David Hasselhoff's career. It's about a high-tech car named KITT that assists the mysterious crime-fighting driver Michael Knight (Hasselhoff).

…Plot details for this latest installment are being kept under wraps but we hear it will be a present-day take that will maintain the anti-establishment tone of the original.

"Anti-establishment tone"? Tell me more.

Just for fun, here's the show's original intro:

Now for a giggle, watch Michael Knight (played by the Hoff, of course) flip out when he hears KITT's voice for the first time:

"There's no need for increased volume"

Of course the Internet has already figured out the film locale for that scene.


screengrab via YouTube