The Draft Top turns your aluminum can into an open mouthed glass with a twist

The aluminum can is a great invention. And for 60 years, it and its crafty little addition, the pull tab, have made transporting and drinking all of our favorite beers, soft drinks and other beverages about 1,000 percent easier. 

Of course, evolution continues — and even an innovation as awesome as the aluminum can is could probably use some improvements over a solid first half-century in use.

Draft Top thinks that innovation already has a name: topless drinking. The Draft Top Easy Can Opener  literally lobs off the top of your can, turning it into a sweet convertible of liquid joy with a smooth-edged rim.

The Draft Top was created because, for all of the can's advantages, one of its biggest detractors is that it essentially blocks the aroma of your beverage. The senses of smell and taste are related, both using your taste buds as receptors. So when the smell of your drink is blocked, it impacts the taste.

The Draft Top removes that barrier, allowing your drink to breathe and actually makes the drink taste better.

The Draft Top's patented design uses four rotational blades that pierce the can, then split and fold the lid back as you turn the device. After a half-turn, the lid is off, leaving a smooth, safe edge to most 8 to 16oz aluminum beverage cans and some 19oz cans with standard tops. 

With the top gone, you're free to spruce up your drink any way you like. Add some ice, maybe a dash of Jack to your Coke, or even some garnish. It's just like drinking out of a glass, only a lot more convenient.

A package including two Draft Tops is regularly priced at $49, but right now, you can save almost 20 percent and pick up a two-pack for just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Draft Top: Easy Can Opener (2-Pack) – $39.99

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