Calmind can beat back the anxiety, soothe your mind and make you a happier, healthier you

Considering the state of our world, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise to find lots and lots of people pushed to their breaking point. Anxiety and stress are often constant companions during the best of times. But now, with fear and frustration running rampant, it's easy to be subsumed by all the distractions and pressures and general uncertainty of everyday life.

The Calmind Mental Fitness app might not be able to answer all the questions keeping people up at night, but this digital therapy app thinks it can at least help keep the dark thoughts and confusion at bay. 

Calmind combines elements of neuroscience, psychoacoustics, positive CBT, and technology to form an entirely new method for improving your life by reducing stress and soothing your senses.

This digital therapy regimen attacks what ails you from a host of different angles. For those with trouble sleeping, Calmind slows everything down with calming, sensory-rich stories that can help those with elevated stress or even insomnia peacefully fall asleep without melatonin gummies.

For battling more generalized anxiety, Calmind works with musicians and artists to combine ASMR triggers with binaural beats and tranquil tones into a brand-new experience they call B-ASMR. As it reduces stress levels, it literally helps increase the production of positive hormones in the body, exiling bad feelings or worries more easily.

Even if you're just trying to focus on completing work tasks or procrastination-rich projects like writing, Calmind helps remove distractions and surrounding noise so you can concentrate on your goal, push past the mental blocks and get to finishing your task. It even tracks your circadian rhythm to show time periods when you're alert, sleepy, or calm.

And Calmind is more than just good vibes and self-help chatter. The multifunction approach to mind care also helps users chart their positive emotions, the ones that increase our awareness, attention, and memory while building psychological resilience, and improving our emotional well-being. While tracking positive feelings may sound silly, they actually retrain your mind so that through daily habit, they can be used to push past moments of doubt or discouragement.

Calmind is a holistic approach to being a better happier, healthier, less-stressed you. Available across all platform, you can get a lifetime subscription to all of the Calmind Mental Fitness app features for only $69.99, a savings of almost 90 percent off the regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

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Calmind Mental Fitness App: Lifetime Subscription – $69.99

Clear your mind for $69.99