Sales of classic "Yo Semite" t-shirt rocket after Trump gaffe

The North American Museum of Jewish History's been selling its Yo Semite tee shirts for about a decade. After Trump pronounced "Yosemite" thusly last week, however, sales went through the roof—or through the sequioa canopy, if you prefer.

"When we first started tracking sales last week, we had sold enough shirts in the first 30 hours to equal almost our entire July sales," August said. "And now, less than a week later, our total shirt sales have exceeded the prior three months of sales combined."

Created by artist Sarah Lefton, the shirt was inspired by her day job at a Jewish summer camp near Yosemite National Park, according to the museum's website.

Above the words "Yo Semite" are two trees that resemble sequoia trees. Three groves in Yosemite National Park are home to giant ancient sequoias trees, with the oldest being 3,266 years old, according to the National Parks Service website.

A rare viral-news victory for high-quality inventory over print-on-demand.