Biden and Harris wear face masks, sound like adults at first joint campaign event

Biden: The choice we make this November will decide the future of America for a very long time.

It's going to be amazing, having normal adult human beings in charge again.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did their first joint speaking appearance on Wednesday, and both walked out wearing face masks. President Donald Trump and Mike Pence have mostly refused to wear masks, even as the number of Americans who have died from coronavirus surpasses 160,000.

"The choice we make this November is going to decide the future of America for a very, very long time," Biden said at the event. "I have no doubt that I picked the right person to join me as the next vice president of the United States of America."

Says Biden: "Kamala is smart, she's tough, she's experienced, she's a proven fighter for the backbone of this country …. Kamala knows how to govern, she knows how to make the hard calls. She's ready to do the job on day one."

Kamala Harris: "I'm ready to get to work."

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