Resoume Resumé Creator makes sure you put your best foot forward in the job market

If you're out of work…well, first, you have our sympathies. Right now, about 31 million Americans are drawing some form of unemployment benefits, which makes competition for virtually any job savagely fierce.

But since nobody wants to wallow in the miseries of unemployment, the only legitimate course left open is to scrap like crazy to make sure you're the one who gets the next job you really want.

With so many vying for precious few job openings right now, that means your resume needs to be absolutely perfect. No bad formatting. No spelling errors. No grammar slip-ups. Nothing. In fact, your entire presentation, including your cover letter and even a portfolio of your work, needs to be spotless.

The Resoume Resume Creator understands that. 

As a Resoume member, users have access to an entire suite of powerful creation tools to craft everything you need to get noticed, from eye-catching resumes to rock-solid cover letters and pleasing portfolios.

If you have an up to date LinkedIn page, you're already 90 percent of the way done. With a click, Resoume imports all your pertinent information and job history right into the resume template of your choice. Of course, if there's anything you want to amend about that template, it's all fully customizable, allowing you to change colors, fonts and more.

And a Resoume resume is fully optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which employers use to weed out resumes that don't meet their standards or contain errors. Resoume resumes are ATS-aligned, so you'll never get rejected over a spelling mistake or other clumsy error.

But unlike other resume builders, Resoume helps you craft your entire presentation to an employer, helping you build a portfolio that showcases your work as well as a cover letter that will grab a hiring manager's attention.

With a slick, streamlined Resoume package of items, you'll make a professional-grade first impression. And with so much riding on a killer first impression, Resoume might be enough to put you over the top for that dream job.

A lifetime of Resoume Resume Creator access is usually $95, but you can save over 60 percent off that price and get all those Resoume features for only $34.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Resoume Resumé Creator: Lifetime Subscription – $34.99

Get a professional resume for $34.99