Woman receives her ID card with photo of an empty chair

Jade Dodd of Tennessee renewed her license online, and when she received it last week, was surprised to discover that the photo wasn't her, but rather an image of an empty chair.

"The lady at the DMV did not really believe me when I was like 'hey, I need my license fixed,'" Dodd told local news WKRN. "Then, she looked it up in the system and goes, 'oh, I need my manager for this.'"

Here's what authorities say happened:

"When the customer visited the Driver Services Center a few years ago, during the transaction, an examiner made an error by capturing and saving the wrong photo (of an empty chair) to the customer's profile. When the customer recently renewed her driver license online, she received an image of a chair because that was the last picture taken on file. When the Department was made aware of her situation, we immediately made things right with the customer and provided her with a license with her actual photo and have addressed this situation internally."

—- Wes Moster, Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security.

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