Check out 20 major learning areas that can turn your free time into professional gold

The kids are all starting to go back to distance learning. So why shouldn't you? 

With the world in upheaval, the job market in serious flux and you with time on your hands, learning a new skill could be the smartest move you could make for your future.

To help jumpstart the process, we've assembled 20 courses full of professional development skills that could each add an intriguing new bullet point to your resume. And just to make it even easier and because we know you're watching your money too, each course is less than $20 right now.  


Land Your First Tech Job: Complete Beginner Course – $11.99; originally $29

All you've got to invest is one hour. In this crash course, you'll get the full download on how to get spotted, navigate the hiring process and actually land your first job in tech. From resume writing to personal outreach to crafting killer answers to tough interview questions, this is the boots-on-the-ground training that can finally get you in the door.

The Complete 2020 Cisco CCNA Certification Prep Course – $19; originally $295

Cisco CCNA certification is one of the premier network admin credentials an IT pro to attain, so this course will get you ready to take and ace that test. With over 30 hours of training in automation, programmability, wireless connectivity and security protocols, this course can teach you how to configure and manage the networks that run businesses today.

AWS Certified Solution Architect: Associate – $9.99; originally $19

If you want to understand the cloud, AWS is the undisputed king. This course in understanding the tools and features and navigating operations of a system in the AWS cloud environment will help you get certified as an AWS CSA Associate, a qualified pro in working on the world's most popular cloud platform.


Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Mastery Course – $9.99; originally $199

This top-to-bottom deep dive is the top-rated Facebook Ads course on the web. With over 11 hours of training, you can craft Facebook's entire role in your business' marketing plan, including how to create effective ads, optimize conversions, lower costs and generally bring as many Facebook user eyes to your content as possible.

MailChimp 101: Learn Email Marketing – $9.99; originally $49

Nobody offers more email marketing options than MailChimp — and this course will show you how the marketing platform can help you build a brand, engage with audiences, and craft successful campaigns. Learning how to build email lists and conduct A/B testing, you'll quickly learn what proven MailChimp strategies can impact your business' bottom line.

The Complete Digital Marketing 12-in-1 Course – $14.99; originally $200

Over almost 40 hours of lectures, quizzes and hands-on practice with the best digital marketing tools, here's your path to a complete digital marketing plan that works. Across 12 courses, you'll learn fundamental marketing tactics, how to leverage a website and emails to drive customers, who to craft attention-grabbing content and who to use platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to push your messaging your way.


HTML and CSS for Beginners – $10; originally $549

There's nothing more elemental to programming than HTML and CSS, so this course helps you understand these basic building blocks of the modern web. As you use HTML5 to embed audio and video to web pages, then write CSS code to contour pages with eye-catching elements, you'll earn valuable insight into all levels of coding and digital media.

GitHub Fundamentals – $10; originally $549

GitHub keeps track of all the versions of your coding project — and with this instruction, you'll know how GitHub protects you from project-wrecking mistakes or big inefficiencies that come when a full team is hammering away on the same code. 

Python 3 Complete Bootcamp Master Course – $10.99; originally $499

Python is at the core of today's hot data analytics revolution, and this 31-hour primer can help you understand why. Covering all levels of Python, users will learn to use the language for app development, run a 60-million item data analysis project, and even do data visualization using an automatic plotter.

The Complete MySQL Bootcamp – $8.99; originally $199

MySQL is the foundation of data and data storage, so this course explains exactly how databases are built and function. Using MySQL, learners understand basic syntax, queries, and more so they can build web apps, craft data structures and start using this data-driven tool in their workflow.


The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 – $11.99; originally $149

Quality web developers can basically write their own ticket these days — and this 30-plus hour exploration of how to build for the web can get you started. From the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3 and Python to jQuery, PHP 7 and MySQL 5, this fully immersive course covers all the coding basics and how you can use it all to launch a new career.

The Front End Developer Bootcamp Course – $13.99; originally $200

Front-end developers focus on how users interact with content, so this training centers on mastering the languages and frameworks of the front-end web development. Once you've covered this collection of more than 130 lectures, you'll know why the internet works and the elements that make user-friendly fundamentals so important.

The Complete Guide to Designing a Mobile App – $14.99; originally $200

Everybody who's anybody has an app idea now — and this course will show you how to execute that idea. From design principles to the tech nitty-gritty, exercises and challenges test what you know as you start planning, wireframing and actually building your own working apps.

Comprehensive macOS Development – $19; originally $199

This 16.5-hour training zeroes in on building apps for the Apple Mac environment, including basic tutorials and real app creation projects that get your hands deep in the app coding muck. Using Swift, Xcode and other key tools, you'll build a working weather widget, a Slack clone as well as the fundamentals to craft Mac apps of your very own.

The Complete iOS 13 and SwiftUI Developer Course – $11.99; originally $499

If you want to make apps for the iPhone or iPad, this training from top-instructor Rob Percival shows you the path. From essential design skills to mastering the Swift 5 programming skills, this course leads students to build clones of Instagram, Foursquare and Snapchat as they learn the abilities to build virtually anything in the iOS environment.

Apple Watch Development For watchOS – $19; originally $199

How about trying your hand at crafting apps for the Apple Watch too. From the basics of watchOS essentials, this course helps users then build an exercise app from scratch while learning about key WatchKit elements, including groups, interface pickers, and more.

Build a Battle Royale with Unity and Blender – $14.99; originally $199

Enough with apps…how about making your own multiplayer, no-holds-barred action game? Over 300 lectures covering more than 55 hours of material will guide you through how to build a massive, 9-level battle royale game using Unity, the world's most powerful game engine. Designing, 3D modeling, coding, even using artificial intelligence, all the tools are at your disposal to create a truly epic game experience.

Odds and Ends

Fundamentals of Physics – $9.99; originally $195

The laws of the universe are all laid bare here. From core concepts like motion, forces, momentum and energy, this calculus-based course not only explains the elements that make the universe work, they also help unlock how to solve basic and complex physics problems.

The 2020 Complete Business Plan In One Course Ft. Business School Prof – $14; originally $199

A business without a solid plan is doomed to fail, so this 13-step process lays out everything you need to craft a structurally sound business plan from scratch. Including 50 different plan templates and 25 presentation playbooks, you'll learn what it takes to get a business funded, off the ground and headed toward a successful future.

The Podcast Master Class: A Complete Guide to Podcasting – $11.99; originally $199

Podcasting more than just cracking a mic and talking. But with this masterclass in the art of the podcast, you'll learn the skills and technical mastery to start, record, edit, publish, grow and monetize your new podcast. This wall-to-wall guide explains every step from getting the right equipment to four ways to turn your podcast into a real moneymaker.

Prices are subject to change.

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