Listen to these 25 awesome songs released during quarantine

Rub Wrongways is a record label/songwriting collective based out of Northampton, MA. Every week, they curate a playlist of 25 songs to listen to — and this week, they asked me to put it together for them!

Since my band's upcoming album is called "Songs About Comic Books & Mid-30s Malaise," I was originally going to try to pick only songs (by other artists) about comic books and/or mid-30s malaise. But that was…trickier than I anticipated. So I kept it simple, and just picked songs that I think are worth hearing that have been released since the coronavirus quarantine began in early March. Most (but not all) of these tunes are by independent artists whose promotional plans were probably torpedoed by the pandemic.

If you want to know more about the artists and my song selection process, I made a Twitter thread going through the playlist song-by-song.

25 Songs For This Week [Rub Wrongway Records]

Image: Public Domain via PxHere