Look Mum No Computer finishes the 1000 oscillator megadrone

I've been following along as Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer builds and documents his 1000 oscillator megadrone, aka the KiloDrone. Sam decided to take on this completely mad project as something suitably mind-numbing to do during the pandemic.

In the end, he used 2400 knobs, 2400 potentiometers, 820 jacks, 220 jack cables, 8000 resistors, 1000 diodes, 100 ICs, over 1000 LEDs(?), untold quantities of solder, and a world of patience. The project was funded by his Patreon subscribers and each knob carries the name of a backer.

Sam admits that the whole thing is really overkill and you get basically the same sonic effect with less than 100 oscillators. But as Nigel Tufnel will tell you, why go to ten when you can go to 11?

This isn't the final video in the series. Sam promises another one where he goes over what can be done to improve the megadrone and some of the ways it can be used to make interesting sounds.

Image: YouTube