Rush Limbaugh calls Kamala Harris a "ho"

Dying as he lived, obsessed with sex workers.

Limbaugh used 600 radio stations licensed to operate in the public interest to tell 20 million Americans that Senator Kamala Harris is a whore and 'mattress' who slept her way up the political ladder.

Limbaugh announced the Biden/Harris ticket has a nickname — "Joe and the Ho".

He claims it's not his knickname but he knows his repetition of it to 20 million people a day will establish it.

Limbaugh calls women he hates whores, sluts and prostitutes, and he's been candid about his beliefs regarding sexual consent. After visiting the Dominican Republic—the shortest flight out of Miami-area airports should you want to fuck underage girls without significant risk—he was detained by police and had unprescribed viagra confiscated. But on this and other matters, from his radio contracts to his drug addictions, Rush is the kind of guy who writes his own deals.