Watch these teenagers totally slay a Fugazi song

This from the Cleveland School of Rock in 2018. "The Jazz Band Rejects," as they call themselves, totally kill it on "Waiting Room."

See, every day, the Internet has a villain; on a Monday, August 17, 2020, it was Zane Daniels, some straight-edge vegan from Texas who mockingly tweeted this 2018 video of some kids from the Cleveland School of Rock performing the Fugazi classic "Waiting Room."

Daniels was apparently very, very upset that the School of Rock is a kinda lame corporate franchise meant to commodify rock n' roll, and thus, an affront to everything that Fugazi stood for. Which, okay, fine. But people immediately pounced on him, because, well, who gives a shit? This a bunch of teenagers doing a great Fugazi cover in 2018. Who cares how they discovered the song? Clearly their teacher did a good job using this opportunity to pay the bills and indoctrinate the youth with Fugazi.

One of those teachers, Scott Heisel, even shared a whole thread of videos from this year's students doing an entire show of Third Wave Punk:

And that's how Fugazi got trending on Twitter again in the year 2020. 'Cause shitting on teenagers for playing Fugazi at a friggin' summer camp is lame.