Fluent City is going to help you learn the language you want online from a real, live teacher

Ever since Rosetta Stone kickstarted the online language learning craze, there are now almost as many language learning services out there as there are languages to learn. Yet while many of their methods vary, most of these programs come back to the tried and true online learning model: instruction through an app and YouTube videos. 

While that can be enough for some highly motivated students to jump in, devour the coursework and become a fluent speaker, other students need more individualized attention and specific help than an app can ever provide. 

Launched 10 years ago in New York, Fluent City is splitting the difference. They're offering live face-to-face online courses coupled with the latest AI and natural language processing technology to create a learning environment that's both personalized and hyper-relevant.

Just choose one of 11 different languages — English, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Hebrew — and sign up. You'll be placed in a small, social, conversation-based class that meets for two hours once a week via Zoom. 

Rather than getting stuck in a textbook or app exercises, Fluent City believes in experiential hands-on learning. All sessions of these 10-week courses happen in real-time so you'll have a chance to interact with fellow classmates and receive personalized feedback from their instructor, prioritizing conversation and practice. 

With the help of expert instructors from all over the world, you'll truly get a chance to engage with the language, working up to holding grounded real-world conversations in your new language with fellow students.

Learners also have access to online interactive video and audio activities. Created by an engine that synthesizes authentic video and audio media, the activities lock in on the most frequently used vocabulary, communicative language and verb forms to craft relevant learning that fuels your learning today.

Right now, Fluent City is offering $100 off the price of their group class sessions. Regularly $399, you can receive solid live language training now for just $299.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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