Mystery Australian skyscraper in Microsoft Flight Sim

The dazzling new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally out, and virtual pilots are exploring a realistic and detailed world generated algorithmically from mapping data. This procedural technique allows one to fly anywhere on planet Earth, but it results in oddities when the system misinterprets the data. Oddities such as an uncanny and vaguely menacing skyscraper looming over the suburbs of Melbourne.

Alexander Muscat posted his discovery to Twitter:

The locale was soon identified as Fawkner, a mid-century development that Melburnians report is boring and a bit dilapidated but a good place to access downtown from and home to some excellent south Asian restaurants. They confirm that there is not a slim, sinister tower looming 300 meters over the corner of Lorne and Wembley.

Google Street View agrees with their assessment…

… but Hack Melbourne pointed out that Bing Maps has the same mistake.

Accordingly, Andy Kelly went to see if Stonehenge had been similarly enhanced.