Get the complete guide to building a YouTube channel for under $30

One of the most fundamental principles of marketing is to bring your message to the places where your potential customers can be found. And one place people can be found online is YouTube. The video site sees 2 billion global users every month, and those users are highly engaged.

And how's this for impact…ads on YouTube actually get more attention from viewers (62 percent) than TV ads (45 percent). That's probably why 8 out of 10 marketers call YouTube the world's most effective video marketing platform. 

You can harness the power of YouTube and turn it toward helping your marketing efforts with the training in the Complete Guide to YouTube Channel: 2020 YouTube Masterclass course

For marketers and YouTubers of every experience level, this course by online business professional and YouTube expert Nick Nyxson gets right to the heart of how best to leverage YouTube's unique marketing powers.

For beginners, the training offers all the features to get started marketing on YouTube. From understanding how the platform works, students get experience with topics like naming and branding dos and don'ts, the equipment needs for a YouTube content creator, and the exactly how to record, edit and upload your first videos.

Once you've got the basics, the instruction progresses to intermediate level, including important points like channel layouts, creating attractive thumbnail images, music and copyright issues, and even a look at the YouTube analytics platform.

Finally, the training elevates student learning to levels that are usually only reserved for the true YouTube masters. But with a firm grasp on ideas like keyword and title research, A/B testing, audience retention totals and prime methods for engaging with an audience, you'll have a channel with content optimized for your brand and your potential customers.

This YouTube masterclass is usually a $199 value, but right now, it's available at 85 percent off the regular price, down to just $28.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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