Up The Blunx is a new comedy podcast for Black punks.

Up The Blunx is a comedy podcast by the Black punks, for the Black punks, and about a wide range of topics from cops to condiments. But if you're expecting each episode to stay on track, you've come to the wrong place. Though you might officially be listening to an episode about straight edge, the next thing you know, you're listening to a story about high school cafeteria mishaps and coal miners and have no idea how you got there. Co-hosts Kevin Tit and Akil Godsey have managed to recreate that unique brand of chemistry and hilarity that only occur when you're on tour and it's 3 am and you've been driving in a raggedy Econoline van all night guzzling cheap watery coffee to make it to your next gig. You might forget what you're laughing about halfway through because you're so delirious from sleep deprivation and too many gas station roller dogs, but you still know it's the funniest shit you've ever heard.

Each episode of Up The Blunx also features a track by a Black punk band. If that's you, email them and submit a song.